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Pro Videography

SGC-600 | Shotgun Camera Microphone

Studio Recording

TAK55 | Professional Condenser Microphone

Audio Monitoring

PRO 82 | Studio Monitor Headphone

Live Performance

TS-8808HH | UHF Wireless Handheld Dual Microphone System

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TAK45 | Studio Condenser Microphone$133.54

The use of Φ34mm gold-plated large diaphragm head, wide frequency response, to ensure the true reproduction of the ...

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PRO 82 | Studio Monitor Headphones$81.99

Features Rich & Balanced Sound for Professional Monitoring Use   Legendary Comfortness  Dual Connectors 6.3mm ...

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E300W | Wireless Portable Voice Amplifier$68.98

The speaker adopts UHF wireless transmission technology, the transmission distance in the environment without inte...

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Microphone does a good job of picking up the intended sound while minimizing ambient noises. Microphone mount is compatible with most modern video and DSLR cameras.


With excellent build quality and comfort, it is a great option for those who don’t demand the highest resolution but want something with a laid-back and warm, neutral sound for an affordable price.


They are analytical sounding, but they offer very precise sound and layering. I’m still to find anything to beat them at a similar price. 


I would buy this one again and again solely based on the sound quality of these headphones. It doesn’t lack anything at all as a studio headphone that much, I can tell you.

Fred Castillo

Nicely controlled and textured bass ... A solid introduction to planar sound ... Fabric pads are nicely made and comfortable ...

Trav Wilson

The Takstar does a great job in terms of clarity, capturing clear highlights....

Vlady Radev

... the build quality is not spared, and if I had got the headphones in hand without other information, I would have guessed at a much higher price...

John Doe

I've been using the Takstar Shade for general gaming and casual music listening while studying, I wanted decent headphones with good noise isolation and comfort for extended use.


A great value microphone to buy for general video recording and vlogging on a budget.


At this point the Pro 82 is almost legendary for its comfort And the Shade is no different, it has the exact same comfort as the Pro 82.


I just got them and I have to say, the bass and reproduction of some instruments are exquisite.


I bought takstar shade and I'm in love with it. Incredible sound and amazing confort


Pro82 are now my favorite gaming headphones, they elevated highs (where shall be a roll-off is a consistent gain instead), non-intrusive, but satisfyingly cleaner...... makes them my go-to headphones for gaming.


At first I was considering a Rode mic, but decided to go for this one
since it's literally $200 cheaper. Very glad I saved myself that money
because this microphone works just as well as the Rode...Very impressed for the price.

P. Hymas

I have this paired this with my Canon t6i and am super pleased with the outcome. The production quality is 10 fold what it use to be.
Definitely a must have for any outdoor shooting!


The controls are very easy to figure out, and pit stays nice and sturdy on the camera. It also looks and feels professional, so that is great as well.

Tool Review Zone

Planar headphones are usually very expensive. But Takstar HF 580 manages to bring high-end technology into something everyone can afford. Super nice build quality. The sound is clean, effortless and dynamic.

John Hvidlykke
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