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Takstar SM-8B Recording Microphone

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Takstar SM-8B Recording Microphone

The online cover song trend has become prevalent with the huge popularity of streaming music online. Many websites have been streaming songs online, and many Music Apps have emerged. Moreover, popular music contest TV shows have brought the trend 'Sing if you like' to everyone's mind. In fact, for a person who likes singing or have a dream of being a singer, you can use your computer at home to upload your work and market yourself via the Internet. Maybe you can be the next star on the Internet. In addition to a computer, we also need some other fundamental equipment to complete the recording, in which having a professional recording microphone becomes almost a must. We want to introduce you to this low-budget professional recording microphone, SM-8B.

When Takstar first launched this condenser recording microphone in 2005 (the same year as YouTube was first established), the price was still around 50 dollars. This news was very surprising at the time as the average price of a condenser microphone was more than a hundred dollars, and a few people would buy a professional microphone for individual use at home. Takstar has undoubtedly made the professional microphones more accessible to the general public by launching the SM-8B on the market, making it a popular microphone for many grass-root artists, music students, and independent producers. To this day, there are still many loyal fans of this microphone, and they have provided countless videos and reviews articles on the SM-8B recording microphone internet-wide.

Usually, amateur music lovers use a dynamic microphone to connect to the computer's sound card for a cover song recording, and this shall be good enough for home entertainment. But to really record artwork and publish it on the market, a professional recording microphone is almost a must. Most professional recording microphones, especially for recording vocals, are condenser microphones. This is because condenser microphones have a better dynamic range and sensitivity, capturing a wider frequency sound and more sound detail. A good singer should not miss using a condenser microphone, making your voice sound more natural and full of detail.

Takstar has more than twenty-year history of producing professional microphones and has worked as an OEM for the top microphone brands worldwide. This really speaks for the Takstar microphone quality. In fact, there are lots of products in Takstar, covering all types of microphones from tubes to transistors, as well as dynamic microphones and wireless audio transmission systems. Takstar also produces hundreds of models of headphones and various kinds of voice amplifiers.

The SM-8B recording microphone comes in a cushioned carry package without XLR cable or shock mount due to the very budget-friendly price set. The package includes a windscreen and a swivel mount to fit on a microphone stand. The SM-8B has almost the same shape as other professional condenser microphones, which is a fairly typical shape of a condenser recording microphone. The entire microphone is compact and very sturdy, made with a machined all-metal nickel-plated housing that stays polished for a long time. The condensed internal audio circuitry makes the microphone a little shorter in size, while the weight is primarily the same. With a weight of about 500g, a good microphone stand would be required to hold it stably during recording.



SM-8B Specifications

Monoblock: Back pole electret

Directivity: Unidirectional, cardioid

Frequency Response: 30Hz-18kHz

Sensitivity: -36dB±2dB (0dB=1V/Paat1kHz)

Output Impedance: 200Ω±30%(at1kHz)

Load Impedance: ≥1000Ω

Equivalent Noise Level: 22dBA(IEC581-5)

Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 128dB(at1kHz≤1%T.H.D)

Signal-to-noise Ratio: 72dB

Use Voltage: 48V phantom power


Editor's comment:
SM-8B is a budget-friendly, high-quality condenser microphone. Using high-quality condenser head and precision pre-amplification line, the frequency response is wide and smooth and has a high sensitivity output with low ground noise. The microphone has a zinc alloy body, and a baking paint treated surface allows it to remain stylish and sturdy after long-term use. Designed with a standard XLR (female) connector, SM-8B is compatible with various audio equipment like speakers, mixers, and sound cards. The SM-8B recording microphone is suitable for broadcast, podcast, instrument, and vocal recording at a home studio or a professional music studio.


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