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SC-M1 | Portable Podcast Sound Card


  • Tailored for network Karaoke/live broadcast, suitable for smartphone/tablet PC/PC
  • Built-in DSP chip with 9 sound effects, easy to operate with individual buttons
  • One button to turn on the monitoring function
  • Intelligent noise reduction to automatically shield the ambient noise picked up by the microphone  

  • One button to turn on the background music ducking function

  • Separate volume adjustment for microphone audio output, monitoring audio output and recording audio output 

  • Multiple microphone connectors: Compatible with condenser microphone, dynamic microphone and headphone microphone

  • Accompaniment connectors to link with external audio source equipment for playing accompaniment during a live broadcast

  • Built-in Li-ion battery working more than 7 hours, works while charging

Suitable for Cell phone/tablet PC/PC: Karaoke, outdoor live broadcast, studio recording, podcast, live stream, etc.  

Data Transmission: USB2.0
Sample Rate: 48KHz/16bit
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz (±3dB)
THD:<0.5% 1KHz  
Headphone Output Power: 167.7mW/32Ω
Headphone S/N Ratio: 88dB (A-Weighted)
Main Chip: DSP
Reverb Mode: Small Reverb, Medium Reverb, Large Reverb
Autotune: 24 kinds of Autotunes
Digital EQ: EQ adjustment
Product Dimension: 142*98*22mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight: 288g

Battery Specifications
Battery Type: Li-ion battery
Charging: USB 5V/1.5A
Battery Capacity: 2700mAh
Operation Time:
Approximate 7h (when 48V turned off)
Approximate 5h (when 48V turned on)

Connector Specifications
Audio Connector: cell phone connector (3.5mm), accompaniment connector (3.5mm)
Microphone Connector: microphone connector 1 (Mini XLR), microphone connector 2 (3.5mm), headphone connector (3.5mm), headphone microphone connector(3.5mm). 
Power Connector: Micro USB interface

Product Content
SC-M1 sound card *1
Audio cable *2
Micro USB data cable *1
Mini XLR cable *1
User manual *1

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