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SC-M1 | Portable Podcast Sound Card

$86.99 $129.99

  • Design for Podcast/Karaoke/Livestream/Broadcast, compatible with mobile devices/PC/speakers/microphone/headphones
  • Inbuilt 48V phantom power and support 4 types of microphones: XLR condenser or dynamic mic, 3.5mm mic and headset mic
  • Built-in DSP chip with 9 change-voice effects, 9 sound effects and 24 autotune effects, easily operate with individual buttons
  • One button to turn on the lowcut(SQ), audio ducking and mixing
  • Intelligent noise reduction(SQ) shields ambient noise to produce an undisturbed professional sound atmosphere
  • Seperate audio output volume control for audience/monitor satff/recording file respectively; and allows dry recording 
  • Use the audio cable to link with a phone or a laptop as an external audio source to play a podcast BGM or song accompaniment during a livestream
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with visible battery life indicator, last more than 8 hours, works while charging

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