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ST-201 | Professional Microphone Stand


  • The all-metal material has strong stability, shock-proof spring, stable and not shaking, avoid swaying during live broadcasts,and blurring the picture.
  • The double-section hose design is free to twist, and the direction of the mobile phone can be adjusted arbitrarily. The phone clip can be stretched and mobile phones which are less than 8.5cm wide can be clipped.
  • Equipped with two mobile phone holders and a microphone clip, it is convenient for dual mobile phones to be used life, compatible with most mobile phone models and microphones of various specifications. (suitable for mobile phones within 4-6 inches, microphones less than 4cm in diameter)
  • The folding design of the bracket saves space and is convenient to collect and carry.

A cantilever bracket designed for mobile phone broadcasts and mobile phone songs.

A Strong desktop locking device, can be firmly fixed to the edge of the table bracket.
Bracket suitable for applications in radio, television, recording studio, personal recordings,and other occasions, the installation side
It fast, easy to use, safe,and reliable.
Practical Occasion: Mobile phone K song, mobile phone broadcast,and more.

Arm Exhibition: 73cm
Hose length: 35cm
Microphone clip inner diameter: 25-30mm
Phone clip can be clipped range: 6-8.5cm
The Base can be clipped thickness: 4.5cm
Hanging weight: 1.5kg
Net weight: 0.8kg

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