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TAKSTAR E20 Wired Voice Amplifier

$34.99 $79.99

• Innovative and stylish design, compact and lightweight, exuding a fashionable flair.

• Digital voice amplification with a powerful 10W audio output.

• High-efficiency neodymium magnet speaker, low weight, high sound quality and loudness.

• LOW-THD adaptive technology ensures minimal sound distortion even at high power levels.

• Seamlessly connect your mobile phone, computer, or tablet for wireless music playback.

• USB playback feature allows you to enjoy multimedia audio from your USB flash drives.

• With AUX audio signal input to serve as a portable speaker.

• With intuitive indicator LED that provides real-time status updates.

• Built-in high-capacity eco-friendly li-ion battery keeps you going for up to 10 hours.

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