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Takstar E270 Portable Bluetooth Voice Amplifier

$36.99 $59.99

  • A portable digital amplifier combining microphone, power amplifier, speaker and battery;

  • Rare earth material speaker features light weight, excellent sound quality and loud output volume;

  • Integrated digital electro-acoustic technology, 12W peak output power;

  • Special anti-rain and dust structure for convenient outdoor use;

  • Solid and durable ABS enclosure, silicone button for comfortable operation;

  • Music play function supports multimedia audio file play of TF card;

  • Designed with bluetooth function for playing the music of cell phone, PC, PAD);

  • Built-in high capacity lithium-ion battery, 4hrs fast recharging time and long operating time up to 10hrs;

  • Shoulder hanging or waist wearing style for flexible use;

  • Ergonomic design and fashionable contour.


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