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DA-237 | Intercom System with Window Speaker Interphone



  • The window transceiver uses full-duplex voice intercom communication technology to automatically recognize and process voice signals. No action is required for the call process. 

  • The specially designed side noise processing chip with automatic squelch function effectively diminishes strident feedback. 

  • Automatic call control technology integrates the external microphone and the speaker with one line connected to the host, easy to install. 

  • Excellent circuitry for high output power up to 3W and produces clear sound quality. 

  • Two independent mute control on the desktop unit for both external and internal devices.  

  • With audio signal input functions, such as computer voice prompts can be broadcasted for customers to listen. 

  • The stereo dual-way sound signal cooperates with the bank teller prompt output, the recording output is not restricted by the power switch or other buttons. 

  • Compact and elegant design. Cable protection design on a desktop unit.  

Operating voltage: DC 12V
Maximum operating current: 1A
Power consumption: ≤5W
Output power: 3W/3W (max)
Host: 3W (maximum)
Auxiliary machine: 3W (maximum)
Frequency response: 100Hz-12kHz
Pickup sensitivity: -42 ± 3dB
Signal to noise ratio: ≥70dB
Distortion: <1% @ 1KHz 0.1W
Operating temperature range: -20 degrees to 50 degrees
Operating humidity: ≤90%
Secondary line length: 2.5m
Host weight: 538g
Counter weight: 120g
Main frame dimensions: 18.2cm x 12.0cm x 5.6cm
Auxiliary machine size: 6.1cm x 8.5cm x 2.4cm


Product Content
1 x host (internal)
1 x auxiliary machine (outside)
4 x auxiliary machine back film
1 x power adapter
1 x instruction manual 

Window Speaker Interphone Applications
Banks, securities, post offices, stations, payment desks, ticket offices and hospitals. 

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