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DMS-D7 | Drum Microphone Kit


  • DMS-D7 features advanced electroacoustic characteristics becomes the best choice for drums recording.
  • Bass drum microphone - full low-frequency response for strong and dynamic bass pick up.
  • Snare drum microphone - well designed low and mid-frequency, ideal for snare and tom drum.
  • Condenser microphone - wide frequency response and high-frequency resolution meet the recording requirement of suspended cymbal and hi-hat.
  • The all-metal structure makes it sturdy and durable.

Transducer Principe:Dynamic
Directivity Characteristic:Cardioid
Frequency Response:20Hz-16KHz
Sensivity:-69dB ± 3dB
Output Impedence:600 ± 30%
Transducer Principle:Dynamic
Diectivity Characteristic:Cardioid
Frequency Response:60Hz-18KHz
Sensivity:-53dB ± 3dB
Output Impedence:600 ± 30%
Transducer Principe:Condenser
Directivity Characteristic:Cardioid
Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz
Sensivity:-36dB ± 3dB
Output Impedence:≦100Ω
Load Impedence:≧1000Ω
Equivalent Noise Level:≦25dB
Max.SPL:135dB(THD ≦ 1% at 1KHz)
Power requirement:9-52V Phantom Power Supply
Product Content
1 × TA-8330 bass drum microphone
4 × TA-8230 snare drum microphone
2 × PCM-6100 condenser microphone
4 × MH-8
2 × CH-58
2 × Windproof cotton
5 × MH-7 clip
1 × Instruction manual
1 × Warranty Card
1 × Certificate of competency

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