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Takstar MX1 PRO Mixer Webcast Sound Card

$129.99 $189.99

• Tailored for entertainment webcast, influencer marketing webcast, Karaoke and recording, and suitable for smartphones, tablets and PC.

• Built-in DSP digital chip, independent adjustment of REVERB, VOICE and RETUNE SPEED, easy operation.

• Bluetooth playing function without the trouble of cable connection to play music more freely.

• Adjustment knobs of treble and bass to meet the voice characteristics of different people.

• OTG function for the MX1 Pro sound card to connect with a mobile phone via USB to realize high-definition, lossless recording and webcast.

• Colorful and cool lighting control for you to switch the lighting effect through the lighting control button.

• 8 sound effects for the host to use, 2 of which can be changed freely, thus making webcast more interesting.

• Smart noise reduction to shield the microphone from picking up environmental noise, thus making singing noise-free.

• One-button ducking function to automatically lower the background music when talking, suitable for webcast.

• Supporting simultaneous webcast using two mobile phones and one computer, multi-platform webcast to attract fans.

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