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TAKSTAR MX3 Mixer Webcast Sound Card

$169.99 $249.99

• Pro stage/studio-level reverb, adjustable reverb amount and time,improving your performance.

• Pro digital amplifier circuit with powerful amp and dynamics, compatible with various mics on the market.

• Separate control for mic 1/2 to cater for different vocal tuning requirements.

• 12-level noise reduction, adjustable based on your ambient environment.

• 12-level ducking, which can adjust the music recovery time as per your broadcast needs.

• Audio panning to quickly adjust left and right channel balance on the fly.

• With 16 audio FX preset buttons, including 4 customizable FX buttons to bring much fun to your stream.

• Colorful RGB effects, controlled via on-board lighting button.

• Three mic interfaces for handling multi-person broadcast.

• With ø6.35mm instrument interface, suitable for instruments such as electric guitar and bass.

• Two OTG phone interfaces for lossless stereo transmission, usable with Apple and Android devices.

• Built-in high-capacity li-ion battery to secure about 5hrs unstopped stream.

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