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DA-239 | Intercom System with Window Speaker Interphone


• Full automatic communication control, duplex voice intercom communication technology automatically recognize and process the voice signal without any operation during communication 
• Stereo output port for both internal and external voice signal output (for bank clerk recording), recording function is not controlled by the power button and function buttons 
• Use high performance components, high output power up to 5W, clear and loud sound quality, high voice resolution Independent mute control button on host unit for both external and internal units, which can be controlled according to the application 
• Elegant appearance design with LED light indicator on the buttons 
• Customized anti-side tone processing chip for automatic squelch control and effectively minimize the howling audio signal input function

Operating Voltage: DC 12V/1A
Max. Output Power: 10W
Frequency Response: 100Hz-12kHz
Speaker Impedance: 4Ω
Net Weight of Host Unit: 580g
Net Weight of Extension Unit: 220g
Host Unit Dimensions: 179.7×129.8×56.5mm
Extension Unit Dimensions: 117.8×83.7×38.9mm
Bank, security companies, post office, railway station, checkout station, ticket center, hospitals. 
Product Content

Master unit                           1pc

Sub-unit                               1pc

Adhesive rubber strip           2pcs

Adapter                               1pc

Adhesive EVA foam             2pcs

User manual                         1pc

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