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MS-208W | Wireless VHF Gooseneck Conference Microphone

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  • The conference microphone uses VHF frequency band and D-PLL radiofrequency locking technology, with accurate frequency and stable and reliable work.
  • Adopt professional audio compression-expansion technology and advanced voice code modulation lock function, low noise, small tail, large dynamic range.
  • The transmitter uses two 1.5V batteries, which can be used for a long time, and can be powered by an external 48V phantom power, which can be used for a long distance.
  • The transmitter is equipped with an XLR interface, which can be used as a wired conference microphone independently, and 6.35mm unbalanced output, which is convenient for connecting audio processing and power amplifier equipment.
  • The receiver uses a USB interface to supply power, and USB-compatible devices provide power directly and conveniently.
USB conference microphone Scope of application: Conference presentation, installation of conference system, church, public broadcasting.

Frequency range: 220MHz-270MHz (fixed frequency)
Modulation method: FM
Number of channels: single channel
Frequency stability: ± 0.005%
Sensitivity: -80dBm
Transmission power: <10mW
Frequency offset: ± 45kHz
Voice response: 60Hz-15kHz
Comprehensive signal-to-analog ratio:> 85dB (A +)
Comprehensive distortion: <1% (1KHz)
Working distance: Effective distance 50m (sky)
Transmitter power: 3V (2 AA batteries)
Transmitter battery life: about 10 hours (related to battery)
Receiver power supply: DC5V / 500mA (USB)
Output mode: unbalanced mixed output

Product Content
1 x Gooseneck Conference Microphone
1 x Receiver
1 x USB power supply
1 x USB power cable
1 x audio cable
1 x User manual
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