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SGC-100W | UHF Wireless Camera Microphone System


  • Professional camera wireless microphone uses wireless equipment to transmit sound, which is convenient for shooting and interviewing scenes.
  • The wireless receiver can transmit at a long distance, pick up the sound at a short distance, and improve the sound quality. The receiver's standard shoe-shaped connection buckle and 3.5mm output interface design can be directly fixed and connected to video cameras and SLR cameras.
  • Lavalier microphone uses UHF band design, strong anti-interference ability, more reliable transmission, preset 6 channels to choose from, which can effectively avoid interference signals.
  • Both the transmitter and receiver can display battery power and channel information, and instantly grasp system information. A single transmitter can be equipped with multiple receivers within an effective distance.
  • The wireless transmitter is equipped with LINE, MIC input switch, compatible with line signal and microphone input, convenient and practical.

    SGC-100W camera wireless UHF microphone, receiver and transmitter, mainly used for on-site shooting / video recording / on-site interview / on-site production and wireless lecture / simultaneous interpretation / electronic education / training.

    Frequency deviation: ± 75kHz
    Frequency response: 60Hz-12kHz
    Frequency stability: ± 0.005%
    Signal to noise ratio: > 85dB A +
    Distortion: < 1% (at 1kHz)
    Sensitivity: -80dBm
    Operating distance: 30 meters
    Receiver power: 2 AA batteries
    Operating time: about 20 hours (depending on battery)
    Transmitter power: 2 AA batteries
    Operating time: about 15 hours (depending on battery)
    Transmitting power: ≤10mW
    Frequency range: 600 ~ 950MHz (internal selection)
    Input / output socket: 3.5mm interface

    Product Content
    Receiver * 1
    Transmitter * 1
    Lavalier microphone * 1
    3.5 to 3.5 plug conversion cable * 1
    Manual * 1

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