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TS-6700HH | VHF Wireless Dual Microphone System


  • The wireless microphone adopts VHF-H high-frequency band design, strong anti-interference function, stable signal, long-distance use, and up to 50 meters in an open environment
  • The microphone adopts crystal frequency stabilization mode, fixed frequency design, stability, and reliability, and offers 42 sets of selected operating frequencies to achieve simultaneous use of multiple machines
  • The unique squelch control technology effectively prevents other RF interference and the impact noise of the transmitter switch
  • The transmitter is easy to operate and is powered by the battery stack, which is a low-power microphone. Even if the battery voltage is as low as 4V, it operates normally and is durable
  • The use of independent mixed unbalanced audio output is convenient for the connection with audio equipment, and LED shows the operation status by transmitting and receiving

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