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X3 | UHF Wireless Dual Microphone System


  • The wireless microphone adopts a dedicated channel design for the mouth HF and UHF to prevent interference, and is not affected by other industrial channels.
  • Advanced audio code modulation and lock function. Avoid interference and eliminate switch machine impact noise. It has a mix (6.3mm) output, which is convenient for connecting audio processing equipment and power amplifier equipment.
  • Compact body, simple design, D-PLL RF frequency lock technology, precise frequency, stable and reliable operation.
  • Using professional audio compression / expansion technology, low noise, low tail sound, large dynamic range, long usage distance, open area can reach more than 50 meters.
  • The receiver is powered from the USB interface. The USB interface makes it easy to power from a variety of USB-enabled devices, making it convenient for outdoor performance.

TAKSTAR X3 U Segment Professional Microphone Home Entertainment Home Singing Speech Karaoke Charging Wireless Microphone suitable for karaoke, conference rooms, family gatherings, stage performances, outdoor activities, promotions and other activities.

Scope: school classroom, home entertainment, multimedia application, outdoor performance, KTV

Method of operation
Receiver channel adjustment method:
1. Press and hold the CH / VOL function button until the display flashes and you enter the channel switching mode. Release the button and press the button again to switch (01-16). Wait 2 after selecting the desired channel. After 2 seconds, the display will not blink, save the channel and exit switch mode.
Receiver output volume adjustment method:
2. Click any CH / VOL function buttons on both sides of the panel and increase the volume to the appropriate volume (0-9). Wait 2 seconds to automatically save the volume adjustment and exit, the display will show the current channel. .
To adjust the handheld transmitter channel:
3. Press and hold the transmitter CH button until the display "blinks" to enter channel switching mode, release the button, press the "channel switching" button again to increase channels (01-16) and select a channel . wait. The display does not blink for 2 seconds, saves the channel switching mode and exits.

Frequency range: 540MHz-950MHz (segmentation)
Modulation method: FM
Number of channels: 16 + 16
Frequency stability: ± 0.005%
Sensitivity: -85dBm
Transmission power: <10mW
Frequency offset: ± 45kHz
Voice response: 60Hz-15kHz
Comprehensive signal-to-analog ratio:> 85dB (A +)
Comprehensive distortion: <1%
Working distance: Effective distance 50m (sky)
Transmitter power: 3V (2 AA batteries)
Transmitter battery life: about 10 hours (related to battery)
Receiver power: DC 5V / 500mA (USB)
Output mode: unbalanced mixed output
Receiver net weight: 308g
Transmitter net weight (single): 255g

Product Content
1 x receiver
2 x transmitter
1 x audio cable

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